The Chinese Armorial

Apply to Have Your Coat of Arms Registered and Published in the Chinese Armorial

Last Update: November 1, 2011

There is no charge for registering and publishing your coat of arms in the Chinese Armorial. The Chinese Armorial is operated on a voluntary basis by the Editor in his free time to promote heraldry and overseas Chinese culture and history.

Do you wish to register and publish your coat of arms in the Chinese Armorial? If so, please read the frequently asked questions and the acceptance policy to see if your coat of arms, badge, or heraldic device is eligible for registration.

If it eligible, and if you consent to publishing your heraldic, personal and family information on the online Chinese Armorial and possible future book versions, then send the following to the Editor by email:

Items to be Submitted:

Mandatory items to be submitted:

The following items are not mandatory but are highly recommended to be submitted because they will enhance the readers' enjoyment of heraldry as a form of art, culture, and history:

The blazon and other non-graphic information of the coat of arms, badge, or heraldic device can be sent as either a Word document or as an email.

How to Send Your Submission:

Send your submission to the Editor, Derwin Mak, at:  (Sorry for not providing a direct email link, but we wish to minimize spam. Copy and paste the email address to your email addressee field).

Please use a meaningful subject line such as "Chinese Armorial: submitting my coat of arms". Also please mention in your email why you are sending the information to me, that is, you are applying to register and publish your coat of arms. Emails with suspicious subject lines or no message or a suspicious message will be deleted unread as an anti-virus measure.

Consent to Publication of Heraldic, Personal, and Family Information:

Please note that by sending the above-mentioned information to the Editor, you are consenting to its publication in the Chinese Armorial, both on its website and in any future book version, either in paper or e-book format, all of which can be viewed by members of the public.

Editorial Review:

The Editor will review your submission and may possibly edit it for clarify and brevity. He will then send an edited version of the information to you for your review and approval. After you and the Editor have mutually approved the information to be published, your the coat of arms will be registered and published in the Chinese Armorial.

Since the Editor operates the Chinese Armorial in his free time, please understand that information editing and publication of arms may not occur as quickly as with registries that charge fees.