Ng Jia Jin


Ng Jia Jin coat of arms

Artist: Rigel Ng

Registered in the Chinese Armorial on September 2, 2021.

Arms: Azure, a chevron embowed Or fimbriated Or and Gules interlaced with another inverted Argent fimbriated Argent and Gules, in chief two annulets embraced Argent and Or, the dexter being upheld by a serpent Or and sinister maintained by another Argent both orbed Vert.

Crest: A pangolin involved Or armed Argent.

Motto:  Don't Be Hasty

Assumed: in Singapore, 2021.

Background and History:

The two chevrons symbolize that family is more than just bloodline. The two serpents, one of which is devouring a ring and the other of which is upholding a ring, symbolize wisdom and its dual nature. The pangolin is in its defensive posture and is a shy and solitary creature that is not easily offended.

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