Kevin Li

United States

Kevin Li coat of arms Kevin Li badge
coat of arms badge

Registered in the Chinese Armorial on June 24, 2022.

Arms: Azure, three physeters in pale argent langued gules, within a bordure quarterly vert and argent

Crest: A clam open affronté proper holding on its tongue a pearl proper

Motto:  May Justice Conquer Eternal

Assumed: in the United States on May 23, 2022.

Background and History:

The armiger designed his coat of arms. Most of the design process was very gradual, with small changes and improvements being made over the course of a year.

The armiger is a second-generation Chinese American residing in the United States. However, he has spent most of his childhood in Hong Kong. Thus he has a complicated relationship with the city of Hong Kong, a relationship that is symbolized by the pearl in his crest, an allusion to the crest on Hong Kong's British coat of arms, which has a lion holding a pearl.  

The physeter (or sperm whale), having the biggest teeth of all whales and the biggest brains of all animals, represent strength, intelligence, and fortitude, characteristics that are vital in the face of adversity. Sperm whales were also the armiger's favorite animals when he was a child. He has a strong sentimental connection to them.

The green represents land, the white represents air, and the blue represents the sea. Together, they represent the Earth, a natural entity that simultaneously belongs to no one and everyone, and therefore is an entity that all people must share.

Gold, the color of the ship's wheel, is an important color in Chinese culture. The ship's wheel as a whole represents the ocean that separates China and the United States and the experience of navigating the waters between both cultures that can be shared by most second-generation immigrants from China.


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