Cheong Ming Lam (林昌明)

Great Britain


Cheong Ming Lam coat of arms Cheong Ming Lam badge

Artist: Quentin Peacock


Cheong Ming Lam Standard


Artist: Nikolai Lopez

Arms Registered in The Chinese Armorial, February 6, 2018.

Badge and Standard Registered in The Chinese Armorial, October 12, 2021.

Arms: Azure, two trees eradicated proper with three mullets Argent in chief.

Crest: a lion rampant or holding a pearl argent between his front paws.


Badge: A tree eradicated proper on a pearl Azure

Standard: In the hoist the arms, in the fly per fess Azure and Or divided by three bendlets Or holding the motto, between the bendlets a demi lion rampant or holding a pearl silver and an oak tree on its colors circled by oak leaves Or

Certification: Chronicler of Arms Castilla and Leon, HE Don Alfonso de Ceballos-Escalera y Gila, Marquis de La Floresta, March 13, 2017

Private Registrations:

Registro Araldico Italiano, Registration No: 30, March 21, 2009
American College of Heraldry, Registration No: 3955, January 20, 2018
Registro Internacional De Armas, Registration No: 869, February 15, 2018

Background and History:

The Armiger’s ancestors originated from China in the South East province of Fujian. The family name Lin/Lam dates back towards the end of the Shang Dynasty and originates from Prince Bai Gan, the son of King Wen Ding and uncle of Zhou, the last King of the Shang Dynasty. He is related to the 1st Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty (from AD 618 to 907) through the maternal side.

He is also the adopted son of Sultan Meudzul Lail Tan Kiram, the 35th Sultan of Sulu, Sulu Archipelago, South Philippines, and therefore given the traditional title of Datu. The Sultanate itself was founded back in 1405 and is still recognised today. During the Spanish colonial period, persons holding the title Datu were members of the Principalía class and enjoyed exclusive privileges, including being addressed by the title of Don or Doña. 

The Armiger is also the Lord of the Manor of Pinners in the county of Essex. 

The two trees represent a forest and the family name Lam/Lin (which means forest). The family name was granted to Prince Bai Gan’s son by King WU during the Zhou Dynasty. The family is said to have started at Chang Lin (forest). The three mullets symbolize the stars at the night of the birth of the family. The rampant lion represents the star sign of the armiger, the Pearl Argent is the national treasure of the Sulu region. 

Personal Arms