Z.R. Lu

United States

Z.R. Lu coat of arms

Artist: Dimitri Prica

Registered in the Chinese Armorial on January 11, 2021.

Arms: Argent, a hen close Gules, on a quarter sinister of the last a knife bendwise sinister Proper.

Crest: Upon a helmet mantled Gules doubled Argent, a demi-hen wielding a knife in her dexter wing all Proper.

Motto:  Solidarity in Struggle

Assumed: in the United States, 2019

Background and History:

The armiger is a second-generation Han Chinese immigrant living in the United States. She designed these arms for herself in late 2019, going through a relatively quick design process that took less than two weeks.

The chicken is the armiger's Chinese zodiac symbol and an animal to which she relates, being shy and rather awkward at times. The armiger has kept chickens as pets for several years and considers the chicken to be her favorite animal. The quarter sinister represents that she is left handed, and the knife represents her social awkwardness and difficulty navigating social situations. The crest is a combination of all of the elements on the shield, and the juxtaposition of the peaceful chicken against a sword used for cutting represents her whimsical sense of humor. The armiger chose red and white as colours mostly aesthetic purposes, but the red also serves to symbolize the armiger's ancestry.

The motto, "Solidarity in Struggle", represents the armiger's desire to empathize with and help people in distress, hoping that nobody will be alone in suffering.

Personal Arms