Christopher David Kelly



coat of arms


Differenced arms of his son:

Dinglong Ng Zhang

Artist: Francis Graham Kelly

Registered in The Chinese Armorial, July 1, 2013.

Arms: Tierced per pall, Or, Gules and Azure, in chief a rose Gules, seeded Or and barbed Vert, in dexter an eagle displayed and in sinister a Chinese Dragon, all Argent.

Crest: Issuing from a wreath of Or, Gules and Azure, a Chinese Dragon erased, Proper, holding in Dexter claw a Liu family totem, Sable.
Mantling: Or, Gules and Azure.


Standard: In the hoist Argent five mullets Azure in the form of the Constellation Southern Cross (Crux Australias), with the four main stars each of seven points and the small star of five points, and in the fly tierced per fess Argent, Or, and Gules, in three compartments separated by two bends Argent inscribed with the motto CONSEQUITUR QUODCUNQUE PETIT in letters Sable, in the first compartment an eagle displayed Argent, in the second compartment a Chinese Dragon Argent, and in the third compartment a rose Argent seeded Or and barbed Vert, the whole fringed Or, Azure, and Gules.

Assumed: April, 2013.

Background and History:

Mr. Kelly is Australian by birth and is of European lineage. His wife, Yang Liu, was born in China, is of Chinese lineage, and is now an Australian citizen. Their son, Dinglong Ng Zhang, was born in China and is now an Australian citizen. Dinglong Ng Zhang will inherit his father's coat of arms, and until such time, uses his father's arms differenced with a label of three points, the English mark of cadency for the eldest son. The coat of arms was designed by Mr. Kelly's uncle, Francis Graham Kelly.

The rose, eagle, and Chinese Dragon represent the ancestry of the family: the rose for England, the Chinese Dragon for China, and the eagle for Austria.

The Chinese dragon holds the Liu clan totem to represent the armiger's wife. Clan totems are an ancient form of Chinese family symbol.

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