Andrew Edward C. Kelly


coat of arms of Andrew Edward Kelly

Artist: Francis Graham Kelly

Registered in The Chinese Armorial, July 27, 2013.

Arms: Azure, on a chevron Argent between in chief dexter a lion rampant double-queued Or and sinister an eagle rising wings elevated and addorsed Or armed Gules holding in its dexter talon a sheaf of arrows points downwards Proper and in base a Chinese dragon Or langued Gules horned and whiskered Argent, the constellation Southern Cross (Crux Australis) as four main stars each of seven points and the smaller star of five points Azure between dexter a shamrock Vert and sinister a rose Gules barbed Vert seeded Or; Debruised in the lifetime of his father with a label of three points Argent.

Crest: From a wreath of Argent, Azure and Gules, a lion passant, double-queued and armed Gules, holding in its dexter paw a thistle Proper.

Mantling: Azure and Or, lined Argent

Motto:  Dei Gratia (By the Grace of God)

Badge: Andrew Edward C. Kelly uses the badge of his father, Francis Graham Kelly.

Assumed: March 2010.

Private Registration: Arms: United States Heraldic Registry, Registration Number 20100321S, March 21, 2010.

Background and History:

During the lifetime of his father, Andrew Edward C. Kelly uses the coat of arms of his father, Francis Graham Kelly, differenced by a white label of three points. The label of three points is the traditional mark of cadency for the first son in England and Scotland. Andrew's son Riley James Kelly uses another differenced version of Francis's coat of arms.

The armiger has English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry through his father and has Filipino and Chinese ancestry through his mother. His mother's ancestry is represented by the eagle Or for the Philippines, the arrows Proper for Spain, and the Chinese dragon for China. His father's ancestry is represented by the rose Gules for England, the shamrock Vert for Ireland, and the thistle Proper for Scotland.

Both families migrated to Australia, which is symbolized by the Southern Cross.

Personal Arms