Justiniano Family

United States

Justiniano Family coat of arms


Registered in the Chinese Armorial on May 17, 2023.

Arms: Gules a three-towered castle Argent masoned and ajouré Sable on a hill Sable, and on a chief Or, a demi-eagle displayed Sable.

Crest: A morion Argent in front of a Kris and Kampilan ward downward Argent, which are in front of a kalasag shield Tenne. 

Supporters: Dexter a lion rampant Or clawed, toothed, and langued Gules, sinister a Chinese dragon rampant Or clawed and langued Gules and toothed Argent holding a pearl Argent, both standing on a compartment of a hill Vert charged with two California poppies Or and two jasmines Argent.

Motto: παντα ισχυω εν τω ενδυναμουντι με χριστω (I can do all things through the one that strengthens me)

Assumed: in the United States on May 12, 2023..

Background and History:

Justin Winch Justiniano registered this coat of arms for his family.

The armiger's paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather have Chinese ancestry. His family also has Filipino and Spanish ancestry.

The shield is based on the traditional Justiniano coat of arms. The morion represents Spanish heritage, and the two crossed swords are a kris and kampilan, which are traditional Filipino swords. The lion represents Spanish heritage, and the Chinese dragon represents Chinese heritage.

The California poppies represent California, to which the majority of the family immigrated. The jasmines, also known as sampaguita, represent the Philippines and Guangdong province of China.

The motto is the Vulgate translation for Philippians 4:13, which represents Christianity, the religion of almost all modern-day members of the family.


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