Helen Grace Garcia


Helen Grace Garcia coat of arms

Artist: Jerricho Moncada Garcia

Registered in the Chinese Armorial on December 12, 2021.

Arms: Per chevron Azure and Or, in chief dexter an open book inscribed with the words “Nam et Domesticos”, in chief sinister a bear rampant, all Argent, in base a rose proper.

Motto: ¬†Fides Muneris Humilitas (“Faith Service Humility”)

Assumed: in the Philippines on December 12, 2017.

Private Registration: The Philippine Armorial, July 20, 2021.

Background and History:

The armiger is an elementary school teacher and only daughter of Ely and Edeliza Moncada. She is the mother of another armiger, Jerricho Moncada Garcia.

The rose symbolizes hope and joy, while the book refers to the armiger’s profession as a teacher. The inscription “Nam et Domisticus” refers to her devotion to God and family. To the armiger, the bear symbolizes excellence and answering the call of duty; it is also a canting reference to her married family name, which traces to a Basque word for the animal. Blue and white are the armiger’s school colors, while gold refers to her given name Helen, commonly believed to originate from the Greek word for “torch”.


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